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It is incredible how many stories there are about our name:

According to Steph. Xanthoudidis, (Chandax - Heraklion, p. 28) is a Byzantine surname Fourfouras, a well-known Byzantine house.

The teacher from Rethymno, Em. Lambrinakis mentions in his book (Geography of Crete, 1890, p. 107): Fourfouras (four) village large and predatory old, hence the name It means Latin. verb furor - fyrtatus sum-ari which means to steal.

However, the evolution into Fourfouras of ancient greek „πορφυρεύς / porfirefs”, arch. purple = the "fisherman of purple shells", according to P. Faure. Fourfouras <bapt. Purple, Purple <Purple <purple. For the assimilative development π> φ πβ. Κύρ. name Farfouri <Purple, Porphyria.

There are those who claim that the village got its name from the strong winds that usually blow in the area.

Still others say that this name was given by a Venetian officer of the Fourfoura family.

Another version wants to take its name from the surname of the first resident who was a hunter.

Some finally claim that its name is due to the word fortress-Fourfouras, because it is located on steep cliffs. Ruins of such a fortress are located on the hill before the church of Panagia at Mourtse, of the 14th century.